TWO’s developer API offers versatile solutions across a broad spectrum of tasks, powered by our advanced SUTRA models. These generative AI models are the technology backbone of TWO’s products and are accessible through simple-to-integrate APIs, featuring usage-based pricing for apps and services seeking to leverage our technology.

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SUTRA is a series of ultrafast, multilingual, online Generative AI models. It supports over 50 languages with conversation, search, and visual capabilities.

SUTRA models comes in multiple flavors.

  • SUTRA-PRO: Our best performant model adept at executing instructions in 50+ languages for conversational use cases and complex tasks.
  • SUTRA-LIGHT: Designed for conversation, summarization, and other tasks in 50+ languages. Highly efficient and optimized for ultra-low latency applications.
  • SUTRA-ONLINE: An internet-connected model that can use knowledge from the internet to provide up-to-date and factual responses.
  • SUTRA-AVATAR: Model that brings the power of generative ML algorithms to enable real-time lifelike visual and voice synthesis.


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