Playfulness and Informality

SUTRA is trained and fine-tuned on data from conversations to capture playfulness and informality of everyday conversations.

It can maintain conversation in a single language, or also fluently mix languages to emulate behaviors of bilingual users. It is very common in many Asian countries to mix native language and english in daily conversations. The following illustrative example shows a conversation on fashion with an AI character built using SUTRA.

Example of English and Korean with SUTRA and user on fashion

User: Hey, I need a fashion update. Any trends?
SUTRA: Sure! 오버사이즈 재킷이 요즘 많이 인기예요. It's
perfect for a casual yet chic look.

User: Sounds cool! 어떤 색깔이 좋을까요?
SUTRA: Neutral colors like 검정, 회색, or 베이지 are
versatile and timeless. They easily match with other

User: Great advice! 이런 재킷은 어디서 살 수 있나요?
SUTRA: Many online stores offer trendy options. Zara나
H&M에서 좋은 선택지를 찾을 수 있어요. Don't forget to
check for online sales!

User: Thanks! 액세서리 추천은 있나요?
SUTRA: Minimalist jewelry or 큰 스카프 can add a lot to
your outfit. It's all about balancing the look.

User: Awesome, SUTRA! You're a big help.
SUTRA: Anytime! 패션에 대해 더 알고 싶으면 언제든지
물어보세요. Happy to assist with your fashion journey!

Understanding Nuance & Context

This is an example of English and Hindi (Hinglish) with SUTRA and user on fashion. Note how because the language of conversation in Hinglish, SUTRA understands the broader context and converses about Indian wear (Kurta & Jeans) and jewelry.

User: Hey, I need a wardrobe refresh. Any ideas?
SUTRA: Zaroor! Why not try mixing Indian traditional wear
with western? Like a kurta with jeans.

User: That sounds interesting! Koi specific colors jo
main try kar sakta hoon?
SUTRA: Bright colors like yellow or red with denim blue
look amazing. Also, pastels are super trendy.

User: Awesome! Accessory suggestions?
SUTRA: Minimalist silver jewelry or a vibrant dupatta can
elevate your look. Shoes mein, try karo sneakers.

User: Great tips! Online shopping ke liye best sites?
SUTRA: Myntra aur Ajio are great for a mix of Indian and
western wear. Don’t forget to check sale sections.

User: Thanks, SUTRA! You're a lifesaver.
SUTRA: Anytime! Fashion ke aur bhi tips ke liye, stay
tuned. Happy to help you stay stylish!